Do I need to Pay in Advance?

No, you don’t need to pay in advance. You can pay us when you arrive Nepal.

Can I cancel my Booking?

Yes, to you have full right to cancel, but your booking cancellation should to done 24 hours before of departure dates, In the case of Group booking you must have to inform us before 1 week of departure date.

What happens if the company does not response our booking when we arrive Kathmandu?

You got confirmation letter when you booked to tour with us. This slip is known as the legal contract with customer and company as rules of Ministry of Nepal. If a company does not response your booking, you can claim compensation with the company. Our company will bear you your returns flight and expenses.

Do I need to Give any Private Information like Credit Card Details or Bank Details when I book?

Generally No, we don’t ask any your credit card/ Bank or any other private information at the time of booking, but in some case, our sales department can call you for final confirmation of your details.

Do I need to pay extra charges or Do you charge me extra when I arrived at the destination?

No, we don’t charge any extra money from you, all offer price are fixed during our promotional period, we included all cost which is included on Includes section of package details. But you have to Notice All Promotional price does not include entrance fees of the sightseeing places, for this, you have to pay when you arrived at those places to government counter.

How about group Size of your tour?

We aimed to provide quality service at affordable cost . in a tour our maximum size of the group is 15 person a group and on trekking 10 people a group.

How secure we are?

We first concerned about your security, comfort, and entertainment during the trip. We highly care about your health and your comfort. Do not need to worry about this during the trip, we take care of you.